Photo Accreditation

All copywrited photographs courtesy of shutterstock, all individuals named below.

Passport Lady/Wheelchair 095 Melpomene giving man a drink 980 Lisa S
First Aid Real Lady 574 Miriam Doeric Bandage Hand 918 Todor Rusinov
Infection Control Lady/Tissue 823 Aletia Hands 465 Senkaya
Moving and Handling Lady with Stroller 971 Robert Kneschke Back/warm patch 047 KJ Pargeter
Hoist Training Hoist 931 Daseaford H/Hold 181 Racorn
Health and Safety Man with Roll 207 Rob Hyrons Sign H and S 167 Member
Food Hygiene Vegs Washing 375 Kasia Balasiewicz Couple cooking 528 Wave Break Media
Medication Awareness Meds Trolley 961 Nata - Lia Assorted Pills 067 Jone 500
SOVA Lady on step 308 gcelebi Lady eye patch 651 Berna Namoglu
Epilepsy Brain Scans 374 Khakimullin Aleksandr Blue Brain 201 Fedorov Oleksiy
Diabetes Finger Prick 777 Dmitry Lobanov Diabetes Kit 553 CANARYLUC
Dementia Couple 906 Martina Ebel Hourglass 439 Light Springs
Death/Dying/Bereavement Ill Husband 314 Monkey Business Images People with Doctor 855 Lisa. S
Continence Lady and PA 723 Monkey Business Images Catheter Bag 940 Rob Byron
COSHH Bucket 189 Timothy Large Hats 680 l4lcocl2
Equality and Diversity Group of 3 771 Kolett 2 children back to back 975 Suzanne Tucker
Mental Health Man holding head 710 Alice Day Mind health words 967 Pat Pitchchaya
Challenging Behavior Child tantrum 919 Pixel memoirs 2 Boys 622 Racorn
Breakaway Techniques 2 ladys 011 Zoran Zerernski Hands 556 exopixel
Nutrition and Diet Lady Drinking 030 Alexander Raths Fruit and veg plate 617 Photo SGH
Derma Care Hands 360 hxdlozxy Leg Ulcers 731 Konstantnin
Medication Administration Handfull Meds 452 Afica Studios Pills/Glass 694 Path Doc
Manual Handling Correct Moving 532 nicobatista Man Moving 206 Ostill
Stroke Man having stroke 724 Giideon Stroke Poster 709 Andrii Kandiuk
Parkinsons Couple 811 Illusion Studios Parkinsons Brain 029 Alila medical images
Dysphagia Lady holding throat 382 Aletia Swallowing process 822 Alila medical images
Child Care
Paed Meds Awareness Teddy and Meds 889 Poznyakov Pills in bottle 830 My good images
Paed Meds Administration Sick child 314 Ilike GP/Spoon/Baby 303 Oksana Kuzmina
Paed First Aid/BLS Doc/tongue depresser 784 Wave Break Media Doctor/Baby 687 Ewa Studio
Child Protection/POCA Girl with teddy 754 Vira Mylyanmonastyrska Adult hand/baby 999 Anna Jurkovska
Child Moving and Handling Boy with Walker 615 Jaren Jai Wicklund Child on Crutches 103 gdvcom
Employment Law Law Books 377 Aina Jameela Contract 076 Andia
Maternity/Paternity Mum and Girls 647 Sergey Nivens Pregnant Lady 864 RT Images
Basic People Management Blue people Picture 013 Maksim Schmeljov Man pushing people Button 191 leedsn
Effective people Management People Triangle Picture 674 Maksim Schmeljov Best Practise 418 Dusit
Project Management People planning 055 OPOLJA Hand/blue 080 arka 38
Time Management Timepiece 559 Syda Productions Clock/Books 818 An Nguyen
Disciplinary and Grievance Young man disciplined 725 Lisa. F. Young Disciplinary Notice 231 Mehmet Dilsiz
Appraisal Young Lady Appraisal 148 Alexander Raths Appraisal notice 277 Alexskopje
Assertiveness Speedo 920 iqoncept Leadership 324 Mypokcik
Stress Management Lady at desk 596 Sunabesyou Stress Poster 104 arka 38
Train the Trainer Train Trainer 727 baranq Training 702 pedrosek
Train the Trainer Moving and Handling Young lady 298 Konstantin Chagin Hoist 931 Daseford
Presentation Skills Lady presenting 781 Senkaya Applause 451 Andresr
Clear Language Girl with headphones 941 Elena Itsenka Language 737 Syaheir Azizan
Customer Services Customer Services 232 Dusit CS Sign 747 Stuart Miles
Bespoke Course Writer 321 Wavebreak media